How to show your 'WHEELS'...


If you would like to take part in showing off your 'Wheels' at this years 'Wheels Int Lakes' then this is how to do it. 

Simply fill in the form below with your details and add a couple of Photos of your 'Automotive' to the form.

This could be anything from the following, Classics, Vintage, Retro, Modified, Rally, Drift or Custom Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Lorry's, Super cars, Hot Rods and much more.... we would love to see a variety of Automotives attend the event.

Please note that if your Automotive is not road legal and you wish to trailer it, we have allocated space for cars with trailers in our car parking area. 


If you have something Automotive that is not in the list above, please fill in the form or drop us an email and well get back to you as soon as possible. Closing date for Single Exhibits is Sunday 7th July. Any applications received after this date will be considered pending space availability. 


Once we have received your Registration form you will then be sent an email to confirm you have registered your 'Wheels' in this years Wheels Int Lakes Automotive Show. Allocated slot information will be sent to participants one month before the event via email.


Also in this email will be a link where you can confirm and pay for your slot. A discount will be applied ; all participants showing their 'Wheels' will only be charged £5. This ticket will cover the Automotive that you are showing, a driver and one passenger. Any additional passengers will need to purchase a spectator ticket in advance.


Your tickets will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the event, this email will include all relevant information that you might need.


Wheels Int Lakes is only held over the one day, which this year is: 11th August hosted at Rowrah Go Kart Track, CA26 3XU 


We will be at the Show Ground on Saturday 10th August from 1pm onwards setting up the event. If you are travelling a long distance, either driving up or trailering your 'Wheels' we do have a limited amount of camping space for anyone wishing to attend the event to pre clean there 'Wheels'. Contact us for more info on this.


Spaces at this event are limited so please register your 'Wheels' in advance to avoid disappointment. If showing your car in a show area isn't your thing but you have something 'Unique' that you would like to drive around the 'Track' please take a look at our 'Track Action' page. (Restrictions do apply and rules are set by site Owner and Manager)


We look forward hearing and seeing all the Unique 'Wheels' that you have....


See you soon!